Distinctive Features
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Trinity International College is unique due to its distinctive features that quintessentially reinforce the institutional quest for academic excellence. The College provides ample opportunity to deserving students to excel academically or otherwise. Such a powerful mix of distinction and occasion proffered to our young students effect dynamic transformation in them.
Trinity believes in the holistic development of students from the moment they enter its portals.
Consequently, Trinitians
become high achievers and value-driven, cultivated individuals who're welcome, and successful, wherever they go!
Prominent distinguishing aspects of Trinity include inter alia:
Why Trinity?

Culture of Excellence
Trinity is known for its culture of proven excellence that fosters academic achievement and good conduct. The College expects high academic achievement from its students and is determined to close the gap between aims and attainments by transforming its students into superlative doers. We strive for continuous improvement and excellence in action!
Expert Faculty
The College is proud of its dedicated and experienced faculty who deliver the best teaching and nurture academic exploration.Trinity tutors overview scholastic progress, meet students regularly, impart personalized instruction, and give needed guidance. We encourage the continuing professional development and training
of the Trinity faculty.
Unique Methodology
Our methodology incorporates diversity in teaching: questioning, explaining, modeling, collaborating, and demonstrating. Teachers adopt a flexible approach with multiple learning styles to help students retain information and strengthen
understanding. Our effective teaching-learning methods reinforced by the use of technology bring out critical thinking and a desire to learn.
Homework & Assignments
We give students regular homework co-related to class work and course coverage. Alongside, we assign special homework during vacations and also preparatory homework for the Board/University Examinations. Trinity Student Planners help
in keeping meticulous records and checking assigned homework regularly. The Planner ensures students have a planned and output-oriented approach to academics.
Examinations & Evaluation
Examination and Tests lie at the core of our academic life. We hold monthly, terminal, Pre-Board, and mock exams. Terminal evaluation is particularly important as it takes into account the marks obtained subject-wise in the term exams and class tests along with those given for assignments and attendance. Performance feedback helps students to improve.
Personal & Educational Counseling
Counseling, guidance, and behavioral facilitation maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and discipline to prepare each individual for college and for life. We give sound in-course guidance and assist in study abroad institutional
search and career building. With us, student welfare is paramount.
Parental Participation
Parental supervision and encouragement is necessary at every vital stage of educational development to foster student success. Families themselves are the real educators through the milieu they provide. So, close cooperation between the College and parents – meetings or consultations– brings about ideational harmony and behavioral consistency.
Excellent Behavior
Trinity's Code of Conduct instills a high level of positive discipline alongside abiding self-discipline in our students. Our strictness prevents and rectifies deviant behavior. The conduct and discipline of Trinitians endear them
to society. Their keen sense of task completion and time management ensure both academic and personal success.
The Synergistic Teaching-Learning Approach of this institution places high emphasis on planning for competitive examinations and consequent preparation for medical and engineering entrance tests.
Inspiring Environment
Trinity's fine academic environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure are most conducive to studies and progress. Our academic resources, student support, and disciplined approach work wonders. Students are encouraged to learn actively by participating in meaningful, challenging activities in a safe environment that fosters creativity and encourages accomplishment.
Co-curricular & Extra-curricular Activities
Trinitians have a vibrant student life! Varied co-curricular and extracurricular activities energize and inspire them to stay ahead and do even better. They enrich their lives and develop their personalities through such productive engagement that includes social service events, campaigns, and drives.
The alma mater proffers opportunities for continued engagement for its loyal alumni all over Nepal and the world, an enriching experience for all concerned. It builds up a web of beneficial relationships and an exchange of ideas or information profiting new students and the institution.
Superb Facilities
A number of vital support services and facilities help our students reach their full potential. Trinity offers secure transport, affordable food, and comfortable accommodation. It also has a well-stocked & digitalized library and many stimulating clubs.
Web-based System
E-learning is an important medium at Trinity. Our online resources complement traditional learning through E-technology. Our web-based system provides easy access to college information such as notices, routines, attendance, academic events, results, assignments, or accounts and connects students, parents or guardians, teachers, and staff online.
Ideal Campus
Trinity is ideally located in a serene and lush spot in central Kathmandu making it easily
accessible. We offer a model study campus with modern classrooms and quiet study areas.
Affordable Education
Trinity envisions a day when every Nepalese student access to world-class education at the most affordable rates possible! Towards this noble end, our institution tries its utmost to ensure that we provide the best teaching, the best academic support, and the best financial options in terms of affordability and scholarships to our students.
Outstanding Results
Trinitians excel in their studies. They have unswervingly been getting excellent results in the HSEB + 2 and International A Levels. The College continues to produce many toppers. Their laudable performance is a source of inspiration to many students.
Remarkable Placements
Trinity graduates do well by being awarded scholarships and getting placements in reputed colleges or universities in the country or different parts of the globe. This continuing and unstoppable accomplishment of our alumni testifies to their worth and the long-lasting value of their educational sojourn with us at Trinity.
Top Reputation
Trinity is the leading institution for post-high school studies in Nepal. It has a great reputation locally, nationally, and internationally. Our students have distinguished themselves by their notable achievements and excellent behavior.
Our expert faculty closely overviews academic progress on an individual or group basis, meets students regularly, imparts both group and personalized instruction, and meticulously checks Trinity Student Planners about daily or special homework or assignments and attendance.
Trinity has many stimulating clubs that regale and refresh our hard working scholars. The institution encourages youngsters to serve society in as many ways as they possibly can!