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Trinity provides ineffective Resource Centers and Recreational Facilities.
Resource Centers

Our Resource Centers are an integrated mix of so called "library services", "laboratories", and "information communication technology". The students have the benefit of the latest educational technology including unlimited, high-speed though monitored, yet limited, internet access.


Our library has a large merely updated collection of internationally standardized textbooks, reference books,  pleasure reading books, research and project reports, audio-visual materials, and gadgetry, and online access to international library networks. We regularly subscribe to select journals, magazines, and newspapers.


To promote practical learning, there are three separate well-maintained, spacious, hygienic, and well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories with modern apparatus and ample, varied specimens. Our technical staff provides close support to students to transform their learning into useful practical knowledge.

ICT Center

The College has a totally digitally networked working environment with a centrally locatedICT(InformationCommunication Technology) Center with uninterrupted broadband
internet connectivity. The Center particularly helps students to improve their computer skills
and assists in e-learning. Lab supervisors monitor and support each student in computing.

Recreational Facilities
Our Recreational Facilities – sports and games – inside the College premises include well-maintained basketball courts, cricket nets, table tennis courts, and indoor game places.The College promotes physical and mental fitness through its Recreational Facilities. Apart from regular games and sports, or matches and tournaments, we organize excursions and appropriate outdoor activities for our students.